The multi-tenant SaaS platform for global trade management and visibility

Augmented Global Trade

What comes to mind when you think about global trade? The competitive advantage it affords your company for sourcing and selling? Or perhaps the community of trading partners working in concert to provide scale, compliance, and visibility. Maybe you see risk, cost, and chaos. 

Managing cross-border, international supply chains with multiple, disconnected systems and manual processes indeed has many pitfalls. One misfiled declaration, missing document, or unread urgent email can block a shipment. No one wants to deal with delays, missed sales, or unhappy customers, and certainly not fines. 

If only there was a solution to enhance and automate your global trade practice. 

Now there is: Augmented Global Trade. BluJay’s Augmented Global Trade (AGT) is multi-tenant SaaS platform that automates the end-to-end customs and compliance requirements for international trade.

This highly innovative platform is designed to augment the user’s input and expertise, providing actionable workflow and dashboard visibility. Scalable and engineered for easy connectivity, BluJay’s Augmented Global Trade serves the needs of logistics companies, express carriers, and shippers with multi-country operations that manage complex customs declarations, as well as shippers needing to assert control and visibility over a network of brokers and forwarders. 

One platform, multiple global trade solutions.

Purpose-built applications to enhance your customs, compliance, and trade expertise

BluJay’s Augmented Global Trade platform hosts BluJay’s best-in-class software solutions for compliance, global trade, and customs. This easy-to-use SaaS platform is built to connect external partners, systems, and processes through a single user experience. Eliminate expensive, error-prone manual labor and accelerate your compliance, global trade, and customs operations with BluJay’s AGT.