Your window to the world

An actionable dashboard for customs and international trade

Managing customs and global trade without visibility is like driving with a windshield full of snow – risky with expensive consequences. Amidst the chaos of daily business, missing a “rejected” customs declaration status or a potential restricted party match has devastating results. 

Likewise, even if your operation has the right data, without a tool to automate key workflows, opportunity and money go out the window. How can you streamline and automate the work in a secure, scalable way? 

BluJay’s Command Center, an Augmented Global Trade-enabled solution, provides a clear, customs and compliance-centric dashboard to monitor and action international shipments.

Visibility to your world from a single screen. Review international shipments and legs, from both BluJay’s Augmented Global Trade platform or third parties, with a harmonized view of the linked declaration’s customs status. 

Spot potential problems before they occur. At a glance, the color-coded status detail alerts you to items that need attention. See what’s at risk and take action directly from the alert. 

Turn data into action with a click. Command Center provides the ability to trigger the creation of a declaration with a click of a button. Shipment, leg, party master data, and Item Master data – enriched via Smart Classification – is consolidated into a Unified Customs Schema (UCS) message, and transformed into a declaration within the platform, or sent to a third-party for processing.

With BluJay’s Command Center in AGT, the trader’s control tower, your vision becomes clear. See what lies ahead and in the periphery, proactively navigate any obstacles, and accelerate the journey.