Avoid fines and delays with a high-efficiency tool for classification

Product classification made easier and smarter

Harmonized. Such a peaceful word. Does it remind you of a beautiful song? Or a recurring and laborious task with layers of complexity? Customs and compliance pros know – Harmonized System classification is not as graceful as it sounds. Yet it’s critical for efficient global trade. This standardized numerical method to classify traded products is used by customs authorities to assess duties and taxes.

Improper classification is costly. Among the consequences are delays, unnecessary tax and duty payments, or export and import blockages. With no central repository, the work to maintain this information on a country-level, with each new product line or variant involves highly specialized and expensive manual work. Even more complex, each country has its own criteria for classification, which requires a preliminary analysis by an expert.

But now, there’s a better way. Introducing BluJay’s Smart Classification, an Augmented Global Trade-enabled solution, that accelerates and improves the labor-intensive task of item classification, with any combination of three automation strategies:

  • HS Quick Classification leverages the 6-digit HS (Harmonized System) code to search for a potential unique country-level HS code
  • Classification by Rules lets experts like you define the rules and criteria of items from the Item Master with the results being applied automatically.
  • Classification by Key Words is an API-based workflow, searching through a customized and crowd-maintained database of product descriptions and country-level classifications, to aid manual classification choices.

Smart Classification enhances your intelligence and expertise to automate and streamline the process.