The toolset every compliance program needs

Streamline the complex work of compliance

Compliance and customs professionals – we see you. The stress, spreadsheets, paper piles, sticky notes, shipments leaving without tariff classifications — and the dreaded consequences of errors resulting from the aforementioned chaos.

Now for the good news: BluJay has designed the solutions you need – a tech toolset, purpose-built to streamline the complex work of compliance. Your world revolves around having accurate information, visibility, and connectivity to trading partners. BluJay’s Augmented Global Trade is the platform that helps you pull it all together, whether managing your own compliance program or overseeing brokers and third-party partners. Our compliance tools enhance and learn from your expert input, to transform the traditionally manual work of classification, storage, and transmission of data into automated tasks.

With decades of compliance and customs experience, BluJay is here to help. Explore the compliance solutions designed to solve your challenges.

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Compliance Tools

Purpose-built applications to enhance your expertise

Take control of your compliance program with tools that streamline data classification, storage, and transmission. BluJay’s smart technology is designed to augment and learn from your expert input, with applications that significantly reduce manual work so you can focus on high-value tasks.