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Managing customs declarations on a global scale without the right tool is cumbersome and expensive.

Even with the “unified” European Union, and the mandate provided by the Union Customs Code (UCC), each country and declaration type can vary widely in terms of workflow, content, rules, format, and connectivity. The lack of standardization is frustrating. Using local, disconnected software is inefficient and risky for global suppliers, logistics service providers, forwarders, customs brokers, and global manufacturers.

Discover a better solution. BluJay’s Customs Management-Global, an Augmented Global Trade-enabled solution, provides multi-country electronic customs declarations in a certified, scalable, and purpose-built platform.

  • Common, harmonized user interface to automate and consolidate the customs practice
  • Single connectivity from your enterprise systems to/from Customs Authorities
  • Coverage for more than 20 countries

With new country/procedures included in every major release, BluJay’s Customs Management-Global is the only global single-platform customs management solution with a self-updating compliance engine and adaptive UI for seamless multi-country customs declaration filings.

BluJay also offers additional single-country coverage in our Customs Management-Local solutions, to automate your customs declarations in even more countries around the world.

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Millions of electronic customs declarations are cleared every year using BluJay’s global customs and compliance management suite. We understand your business and provide solutions to help customs brokers, freight forwarders, express carriers, and shippers stay agile and compliant in a dynamic trade environment.

Our team of local and regional customs experts around the world follows a standardized process that bridges the gap between customs authorities and development to quickly adapt the software to change. The result is a self-adapting compliance engine for seamless multi-country customs declarations filing.


Solutions for SAP® Systems: One cockpit as a gateway for foreign trade solutions.

SAP® add-ons for foreign trade solutions are developed for our sophisticated customers as fully integrated cockpits to monitor, analyse, and evaluate customs, compliance, and foreign trade legislations. The several SAP® add-ons are used to exchange pivotal data with customs authorities, perform sanction list screenings, and facilitate export procedures, to optimise organisational performance conveniently operated from your SAP® system.

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