Douaneoplossingen per Oostenrijk

BluJay provides Customs Management functionality for Austria as part of our Augmented Global Trade platform. Our local experts navigate the changing landscape and employ a proven, standardized process to keep you continually compliant with the latest regulatory changes. We take care of the software so you can focus on your business. Explore our coverage for Austria below.

Picturesque View of Town in Austria with Lake and Mountains in the Background - BluJay Customs Management

Export Control System: reduced dataset import or export filling, which must be logged in advance for safety and security purposes.

Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) is een computersysteem voor de hele EU dat wordt gebruikt om opgeschorte overbrengingen van accijnsgoederen binnen de EU te registreren.

Process of declaring goods going to a third-party country. Rules and process varies depending on the country of arrival and status of the goods, and could includes payment of and taxes, necessity to have permit and licenses, subject to quotas, etc.