One cockpit as a gateway for foreign trade solutions.

SAP® add-ons for foreign trade solutions are developed for our sophisticated customers as fully integrated cockpits to monitor, analyse, and evaluate customs, compliance, and foreign trade legislations. The several SAP® add-ons are used to exchange pivotal data with customs authorities, perform sanction list screenings, and facilitate export procedures, to optimise organisational performance conveniently operated from your SAP® system.

BluJay’s SAP® add-ons give organisations the aptitude to accelerate performance within the area of customs management, export control, sanction list screening, VAT, carrier integration, document exchange, and determination for the origin of goods. The SAP® add-ons enable you to customise your own settings to fulfill complex business requirements in a fast-paced environment.

Our web-based interfaces allow to connect your SAP® system with any other ERP system of your business partner facilitating communication. Transform your business into a digital paradigm by delivering utmost results through increased efficiency. BluJay Solutions SAP® experts conduct a smart integration and configuration process for SAP® add-ons through standardised project methods. After successful project completion, the support team will step in and assist you to achieve your organisational mission.

  • Convenience: Initiate, analyse, interpret, and monitor your foreign trade activities solely from your SAP® system.
  • Connectivity: Communicate via the SAP® add-ons with your business partners, regardless of their ERP system ensuring efficiency and transparency.
  • Compliance: Know your customers and business partners by screening them with the SAP® add-ons, Zerberus®, against sanction lists to ensure due diligence.
  • Conspicuousness: Distinguish your organisation from competitors by implementing dynamic business processes through the SAP® add-ons, accelerating performance.